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Visual art program for young children at Carnton Plantation & Carter House

Fees: Each workshop will cost $10* per workshop including supplies.

(with the exception of the summer mini-camp)

Each workshop will begin with introductions and review of the site rules. For this younger age range, parents or caregivers must stay with their child(ren).  

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'Victorian Christmas'

It's Christmas time once again!  We will explore the dining room  and talk about special occasions at the Carnton Plantation.  Your little one will create some Victorian inspired gifts perfect for giving to special loved ones.

December 11, Carnton Plantation
with Casey Kirk and Krista Barre

Sorry, this class has been cancelled
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'Winter Wonderland'

Come snuggle by the hearth and listen to the beloved winter story "The Mitten."  We will learn how Victorian children kept warm in the winter and create our own felt mittens and scarves.

January 10, Carnton Plantation
with Casey Kirk

'Victorian Valentine'

Come celebrate a time of love and giving by exploring how friendship was celebrated during the end of the 1800's.  Students will create their own cards that express friendship and  create sculptures that feature a heart shape.

February 14, Carnton Plantation
with Krista Barre

'Windy Days'

This month we will explore the lower living areas and examine the beautiful painted window shades.  We will talk about translucency and apply this idea to our high flying art project.

March 13, Carnton Plantation

with Casey Kirk


'How Does Your Garden Grow?'

Flowers a peeking up their heads and the growing season has begun.  Come explore the gardens with us and try your own hand at coaxing blooms to grow by creating a beautiful flowerpot. 

April 10
, Carter House
with Krista Barre


'Quilting Bees'

Quilting and sewing was part of a woman's life in the 1800's.  We will examine the quilts on display at the Carter House and gain inspiration to use fabric scraps to create something new and beautiful. 

May 8
, Carter House
with Casey Kirk

 'Summer Mini-Camp'
* Ages 5- 7 *

Come explore  crafts from the 1800's with a modern day twist.  Crafts from this time were often made from common objects and  used for decorative accents in the home.    We will be making penny carpets,  decoupaging  large boxes, creating silhouettes, designing our own terrariums and more! 

2 day mini-camp - $45 both days

June 5 - 6, Carnton Plantation
with Casey Kirk and Krista Barre
9 - 11 a.m. (Note: special camp times)

'Summer Kitchen'

Come explore the kitchen at the Carter House that is packed full of gadgets and tools that were used long ago as a daily part of life.  We will whip up some salt dough and create tasty faux treats that  would  highlight  any pretend tea party.

June 12, Carter House
with Casey Kirk

'Mingling with Monet'

The Impressionists were alive and well during the Victorian Era.  Bring your little one and work together to capture an impression of the beautiful garden at Carnton Plantation.  We will work on dabbling brush strokes and mixing colors while painting en plein air!

July 10, Carnton Plantation
with Casey Kirk

'Front Porch Living'

The front porch was a great place to sit in the summertime to watch the world slowly move by while also beating the heat.  Come explore the games that Victorian children played on the porch and create your own set of marbles and pickup sticks!

August 14,
Carter House
with Casey Kirk

 'Posing for Portraits'

We will explore the portraits on display at the Carnton Plantation and talk about the people who used to live in the house.  Children will then use their own family members as models so that they can create their own painted portrait.
September 11,
Carnton Plantation
with Krista Barre

'Let's Dress Up!'

Clothing worn in the 1800s had a very distinctive look.  Come explore the Carnton Plantation's attic and try on some styles from the Victorian age.  We will then use our imaginations to create wild costumes and masks.

 October 9, Carnton Plantation
with Krista Barré
10 - 11 a.m.

'Playing with Paper Dolls and Puppets'

Paper dolls and puppets can help children learn about history through the different clothes that people for different occasions. We will explore the children's rooms for clues from the past about clothing and playthings. Come help your child create his or her own paper doll collection that will feature modern clothes and clothes from the 1800s.

November 13,
Carnton Plantation
with Krista Barre

  This series has been underwritten in part by The Arts Build Communities program, which is funded by the Tennessee General Assembly and administered in cooperation with the Tennessee Arts Commission and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.