Interested in donating an item to the Arts & Memories Museum?
Thank you!  We are so glad you thought of us. Arts & Memories Museum relies on generous donations from people like you to enhance our collections. For more information, please check out our Collection Policy. If you have questions about the value or condition of your item, please refer to our  Appraisal / Repair FAQ.

Interested in making a financial donation?
We have lots of plans for enhancements, expansion, and the always constant maintenance projects. All donations are tax deductible.

Use the PayPal option above, or contributions can be sent to us or to the Riley State Bank via the U.S. mail.  Please do not send cash! The donation funds that we receive can be earmarked for specific projects or added to the general fund. Current projects include:

1. Hassebroek Building Renovation. Renovation of this 1887 building built by Casper Hassebroek to house the museum collections and the spaces listed below.

2. Kevin Larson Research Room. Space for scholars to research a collection of primary and secondary source material focusing on local small town history, with a particular emphasis on the battle against the creation of Tuttle Creek Dam (1930s-1960s) and the resultant extinction of several small towns.

3. Clementine Paddleford Gallery. Exhibit theme will change throughout the year, but remain focused on some aspect of Clementine Paddleford's life and career: growing up in Stockdale, Kansas; her early struggles as a female journalist; challenges as a cancer survivor; food journalism; changes in the food industry; travel in the US and around the world; historic events through the eyes of a foodie, etc.

4. Studio K. Art gallery focusing on locally created arts and crafts, including exhibits by student artists. Rita Kraushaar, our resident artist, will hold several workshops throughout the year.
Addresses for donations:
Arts & Memories Museum
PO Box 354
223 So. Broadway
Riley, KS  66531-0354
or to
Riley State Bank
C/O Arts & Memories Museum
PO Box 218
Riley, KS  66531