Stone Sculpture

In 1993 Charles Strong's friend Manuel Neri invited him to visit Carrara, Italy to work in marble.  Strong had done a small number of sculptural pieces over the years, yet he had never felt technically sure enough to enjoy real fredom in approaching three-dimensional work.  Nevertheless, he was confident he could master it, and was excited about how it might affect the evolution of his new explorations with figuration. 


Ezra Pound, that tragic, brilliant figure, epitome of the fallen/failed wise man, was worked in marble four times.  Strong also worked Joan of Arc, Cervantes, Budda and monumental Bosnian death heads in this medium.  Some of these sculptures have polished areas, but most are purposely rougher, as he used the air chisel in an innovative way to draw in relief on the surfaces. (1)

Ezra and Jehanne, 1993, Spanish black marble and Italian travertine, 49.5" x 18.75" x 84"


Ezra and Jehanne, Side Two


(1) Fire and Flux, An Undaunted Vision: The Art of Charles Strong, by Jo Farb Hernandez and Paul J. Karlstrom, with an Introduction by Steven A. Nash