2016 Mental Health Resolutions

posted 10 Jan 2016, 07:52 by V Chill   [ updated 14 Jan 2016, 02:02 ]
2016 Mental Health Resolutions

Psychotherapy is about taking good care of yourself and these 2016 resolution ideas are great for your psychological health and self care. 

Take a look at these and make a pledge to treat yourself really really well in 2016:) 

1. Make your bed every day.

2. Check your people-pleasing tendencies at the door.

3. Pick up a hobby that’s only purpose is to make you feel good.

4. Budget for little indulgences that make you feel better every month.

5. Commit to less negative self talk.

6. Put a small memory in a jar every day.

7. Distance yourself from — or end — relationships that drain you more than they energize you.

8. Cut “should” from your vocabulary.

9. Treat yourself like your best friend.

10. Find a therapist you really, really like.

11. Say “no” more — without explaining yourself.

12. Complain less.

13. Treat emotional pain like physical pain.

14. Get enough sleep.

15. Take up journaling.

16. Compare yourself to others less.

17. Spend more alone time with yourself.

18. Start every day by reminding yourself of one positive thing about your life.

19. Cut back on social media.

20. Decorate your space so you’re surrounded by inspiring things.

21. Do more things that make you a little anxious.

22. Share what you’re going through with friends.

​23. Celebrate little victories more often.