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Native Americans

     This project involves using Bloom's Taxonomy in learning about the cultures of Native Americans. Students will research a variety of traditions, languages, structures of families and community life in early American society with an emphasis on Native Americans. 
     Reading/Language Arts Standard 1         
     Reading/Language Arts Standard 2
     21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools 21C Standard 1
     21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools 21C Standard 2 
Materials Required:
     Computer with presentation software
     Writing Materials
     Computer with internet access
      Instruct students to visit Pete's Power Point Station here.
      In the boxes, click on American History.
      Click on Free Presentations in PowerPoint Format for American History.
      In the list, click on Native Americans.
      In the list, click on The First Americans.

     The presentation gives an introduction to the study of Native Americans in multiple regions in North America. It includes activities to check for comprehension.
Development Using Bloom's Taxonomy:
     List the different Native Americans and their regions. Describe the variety of traditions, languages, and structure of families and community life of the different Native Americans in North America.

     Apply what you know about the traditions, languages and culture of one tribe in an illustrated essay or a model with explanation. Create a map of North American and label the regions with the tribe that lived in the region.

     Compare and contrast the traditions, languages and customs of one tribe with another in a different region of North America producing a Venn diagram or essay.

     Defend your judgment in response to the following statement in a debate or an editorial: "One of the greatest evils to which they (Indians) are subject is the incessant (constant) pressure of our population." John C. Calhoun; as to why the U.S. government forced Native Americans to move off of their homelands. 

Culminating Project:
     Students create a ceremony of some type of celebration (birthday, graduation, etc.) that includes art and artifacts for another culture. Students may select the product that will allow them to express their ideas.