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     In this project, students will compare and contrast different types of bridges and justify their decisions on the type of bridge for particular waterways.  
  •      Social Studies SS.O.4.4.3
  •      21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools 21C.O.5-8.1.LS3
  •      21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools 21C.O.5-8.1.TT4
Materials Required:
     Computer with Microsoft Power Point
     Writing Materials
     Computer with internet access

     The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg is a famous historical math problem. The town actually existed and was the capitol of Prussia but is now in Russian territory. Scroll down this page to find the attachment: Logic Problems Worksheet CB2 and download. The teacher will also have the printed worksheet.
     Now open this interactive white-board and, one at a time, try to solve the problem. www.twiddla.com/496814     

     Activity 1.
           Click here for The Big Building - Bridge. Click on The Bridge Challenge and complete all four bridges, reading the explanations for correct and incorrect answers.
     Activity 2.
          Click here to build an Online Super Bridge.  
    Activity 3.
          Students individually visit this website Pete's Power Point Presentations and view power points and/or participate in interactive games. Free clip art may be found here, also.

    Activity 4. 
          Join the West Point Bridge design contest, a free download and competition each year for students age 13 and above. For more information, view the site at www.wvbridgecontest.com email Amanda@wvbridgecontest.com .
Culminating Project:
     In teams of two, students design a bridge to replace an old bridge in their community. The teams decide on their engineering firm's name and create a presentation for the town council for approval. The presentation should be attractive and include evidence as to why the recommended bridge was chosen. See attachments for power point template.

Additional Resources:

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