Art of Warfare - All Purpose Interactive Campaign System

The Art of Warfare system is a generic campaign system, which is created to provide the campaign environment (strategic movement, resources, creating armies, etc.) for minature tabletop battles. In this way the tabletop battles are fought as a part of a greater campaign.

Alternatively, the computer can be set to simulate the battles, and the campaign can thus be played as a 'pure' computer game (play-by-e-mail, or on one computer)

The army rosters used by the campaign software can be created by the program Army Builder by Wolflair (although this is not required, as the campaign software contains a simple army roster editor)

 Currently Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy campaigns are supported, but in principle campaigns for pretty much any game system can be played using the Art of Warfare software - provided that the campaign text data files for the appropriate game system have been created (you are very welcome to give it a try adding your favorite game system - contact info below).

 The Art of Warfare software is freeware and Open Source !

Ideas, comments, questions and general discussion of the program:
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