Tone of Voice

Zen and the Art of the Internet

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 Tone of Voice
Since common computers can't portray the inflection or tone in a
person's voice, how articles are worded can directly affect the
response to them.  If you say
      Anybody using a Vic-20 should go buy themselves a life.
you'll definitely get some responses---telling you to take a leap.
Rather than be inflammatory, phrase your articles in a way that
rationally expresses your opinion, like
      What're the practical uses of a Vic-20 these days?
which presents yourself as a much more level-headed individual.
Also, what case (upper or lower) you use can indicate how you're
trying to speak---netiquette dictates that if you USE ALL CAPITAL
LETTERS, people will think you're ``shouting.''  Write as you would in
a normal letter to a friend, following traditional rules of English
(or whatever language you happen to speak).
 Computer Religion
No matter what kind of computer a person is using, theirs is always
the best and most efficient of them all.  Posting articles
asking questions like What computer should I buy? An Atari ST or an
Amiga? will lead only to fervent arguments over the merits and
drawbacks of each brand.  Don't even ask The Net---go to a local user
group, or do some research of your own like reading some magazine
reviews.  Trying to say one computer is somehow better than another is
a moot point.