Zen and the Art of the Internet

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Authors of articles occasionally say that readers should reply by
mail and they'll summarize.  Accordingly, readers should do just
that---reply via mail.  Responding with a followup article to such an
article defeats the intention of the author.  She, in a few days,
will post one article containing the highlights of the responses she
received.  By following up to the whole group, the author may not
read what you have to say.
When creating a summary of the replies to a post, try to make it as
reader-friendly as possible.  Avoid just putting all of the messages
received into one big file.  Rather, take some time and edit the
messages into a form that contains the essential information that
other readers would be interested in.
Also, sometimes people will respond but request to remain anonymous
(one example is the employees of a corporation that feel the
information's not proprietary, but at the same time want to protect
themselves from political backlash).  Summaries should honor this
request accordingly by listing the From: address as
anonymous or (Address withheld by request).