Sending and Receiving Email

Zen and the Art of the Internet

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 Sending and Receiving Mail
We'll make one quick diversion from being OS-neuter here, to show you
what it will look like to send and receive a mail message on a Unix
system.  Check with your system administrator for specific
instructions related to mail at your site.
A person sending the author mail would probably do something like this:
% mail
Subject: print job's stuck
I typed `print babe.gif' and it didn't work! Why??
The next time the author checked his mail, he would see it listed in
his mailbox as:
% mail
"/usr/spool/mail/brendan": 1 messages 1 new 1 unread
U  1 joeuser@foo.widene Tue May  5 20:36   29/956   print job's stuck
which gives information on the sender of the email, when it was sent,
and the subject of the message.  He would probably use the
reply command of Unix mail to send this response:
? r
Subject: Re: print job's stuck
You shouldn't print binary files like GIFs to a printer!
Try sending yourself mail a few times, to get used to your system's
mailer.  It'll save a lot of wasted aspirin for both you and your
system administrator.