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Zen and the Art of the Internet

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 Recent News
One should avoid posting ``recent'' events---sports scores, a plane
crash, or whatever people will see on the evening news or read in the
morning paper.  By the time the article has propagated across all of
Usenet, the ``news'' value of the article will have become stale.
(This is one case for the argument that Usenet news is a misnomer.
{Note that the Clarinet News service (Clarinet) offers news items in
a Usenet format as a precise alternative to the morning paper,  et.
 Quality of Postings
How you write and present yourself in your articles is important.  If
you have terrible spelling, keep a dictionary near by.  If you have
trouble with grammar and punctuation, try to get a book on English
grammar and composition (found in many bookstores and at garage
sales).  By all means pay attention to what you say---it makes you who
you are on The Net.
Likewise, try to be clear in what you ask.  Ambiguous or vague
questions often lead to no response at all, leaving the poster
discouraged.  Give as much essential information as you feel is
necessary to let people help you, but keep it within limits.  For
instance, you should probably include the operating system of your
computer in the post if it's needed, but don't tell everybody what
peripherals you have hanging off of it.