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Zen and the Art of the Internet

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The Project Gutenberg Etext of Zen and the Art of the Internet.
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Project Gutenberg is working on creating a simple, childlike (if
you will) network guide, "A Child's Garden of the Internet."  If
you have any suggestions for inclusions, and/or could take a few
minutes to write a "Ten Minute Tuturial" on any subject you feel
worthwhile.  These should be directed at the absolute novices of
the networks, and should presume little or no previous knowledge
(we are even including how to control-c in each tutorial, as the
tutorials are each supposed to be a stand alone event taking the
nominal "Ten Minutes" to expose the novices to a particular part
of the networks, or to a particular resource. . .even if that is
a resource directed at other resources, such as Gopher, Prospero
and others.  This could be an easy way to get your name in print
in both etext and paper publishing, as we had hardly announced A
Child's Garden before we were approached for paper publishing.

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