Posting Personal Messages

Zen and the Art of the Internet

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 Posting Personal Messages
If mail to a person doesn't make it through, avoid posting the message
to a newsgroup.  Even if the likelihood of that person reading the
group is very high, all of the other people reading the articles don't
give a whit what you have to say to Jim Morrison.  Simply wait for the
person to post again and double-check the address, or get in touch
with your system administrator and see if it's a problem with local
email delivery.  It may also turn out that their site is down or is
having problems, in which case it's just necessary to wait until
things return to normal before contacting Jim.
 Posting Mail
In the interests of privacy, it's considered extremely bad taste to post
any email that someone may have sent, unless they explicitly give you
permission to redistribute it.  While the legal issues can be heavily
debated, most everyone agrees that email should be treated as anything
one would receive via normal snailmail, {The slang for the  normal land and air
postal service.} , with all of the assumed rights that are carried with it.