Moderated vs Unmoderated

Zen and the Art of the Internet

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Moderated vs Unmoderated
Some newsgroups insist that the discussion remain focused and
on-target; to serve this need, moderated groups came to be.  All
articles posted to a moderated group get mailed to the group's
moderator.  He or she periodically (hopefully sooner than later)
reviews the posts, and then either posts them individually to Usenet,
or posts a composite digest of the articles for the past day or
two.  This is how many mailing list gateways work (for example, the
Risks Digest).
news.groups & news.announce.newgroups
Being a good net.citizen includes being involved in the continuing
growth and evolution of the Usenet system.  One part of this
involvement includes following the discussion in the groups
news.groups and the notes in news.announce.newgroups. It is there
that discussion goes on about the creation of new groups and
destruction of inactive ones.  Every person on Usenet is allowed and
encouraged to vote on the creation of a newsgroup.