mget and mput

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 mget and mput
The commands mget and mput allow for multiple file
transfers using wildcards to get several files, or a whole set of
files at once, rather than having to do it manually one by one.  For
example, to get all files that begin with the letter f, one
would type
ftp> mget f*
Similarly, to put all of the local files that end with .c:
ftp> mput *.c
Rather than reiterate what's been written a hundred times before,
consult a local manual for more information on wildcard matching
(every DOS manual, for example, has a section on it).
Normally, FTP assumes a user wants to be prompted for every file in a
mget or mput operation.  You'll often need to get a whole set of
files and not have each of them confirmed---you know they're all
right.  In that case, use the prompt command to turn the queries off.
ftp> prompt
Interactive mode off.
Likewise, to turn it back on, the prompt command should simply
be issued again.