Zen and the Art of the Internet

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 The League for Programming Freedom
The League for Programming Freedom is a grass-roots organization of
professors, students, businessmen, programmers and users dedicated to
``bringing back'' the freedom to write programs, which they contend
has been lost over the past number years.  The League is not opposed
to the legal system that Congress intended--copyright on individual
programs. Their aim is to reverse the recent changes made by judges in
response to special interests, often explicitly rejecting the public
interest principles of the Constitution.
The League works to abolish the new monopolies by publishing articles,
talking with public officials, boycotting egregious offenders, and in
the future may intervene in court cases.  On May 24, 1989, the League
picketed Lotus headquarters because of their lawsuits, and then
again on August 2, 1990.  These marches stimulated widespread media
coverage for the issue.  They welcome suggestions for other
activities, as well as help in carrying them out.
For information on the League and how to join, write to
League for Programming Freedom
1 Kendall Square #143
P.O. Box 9171
Cambridge, MA  02139