Zen and the Art of the Internet

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There are a few systems that are maintained to provide the Internet
community with access to lists of information---users, organizations,
etc.  They range from fully dedicated computers with access to papers
and research results, to a system to find out about the faculty
members of a university.
Knowbot is a ``master directory'' that contains email address
information from the NIC WHOIS database (Whois), the PSI White
Pages Pilot Project, the NYSERNET X.500 database and MCI Mail.  Most
of these services are email registries themselves, but Knowbot
provides a very comfortable way to access all of them in one place.
Telnet to on port 185.
 White Pages
PSI maintains a directory of information on individuals.  It will
list the person's name, organization, and email address if it is
given. Telnet to and log in as fred.  The White Pages
Project also includes an interface to use Xwindows remotely.
 Faculty and Staff Listings
Many universities offer access to information on current faculty and
staff.  Included are:
Cornell          Telnet to on port 3000.
NC State         Telnet to and log in as info.
Rutgers          Telnet to on port 98.
U of Maryland    Telnet to and log in as lookup.
UNC Chapel Hill  Telnet to and log in as info.
Yale             Telnet to on port 300.