Zen and the Art of the Internet

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This guide is far from complete---the Internet changes on a daily (if
not hourly) basis.  However, this booklet should provide enough
information to make the incredible breadth and complexity of the
Internet a mite less imposing.  Coupled with some exploration and
experimentation, every user has the potential to be a competent net
citizen, using the facilities that are available to their fullest.
You, the reader, are strongly encouraged to suggest improvements to
any part of this booklet.  If something was unclear, left you with
doubts, or wasn't addressed, it should be fixed.  If you find any
problems, inaccuracies, spelling errors, etc., please report them to:
Brendan Kehoe
Department of Computer Science
Widener University
Chester, PA 19013
UUCP: ...!widener!guide-bugs
If you are interested in future updates to this guide (aside from
normal new editions), discussion about information to be included or
removed, etc., write to to be placed on
a mailing list for such things.
@dots is actually `. . . .'
``I've seed de first an de last @dots I seed de beginnin,
en now I sees de endin.''
William Faulkner
The Sound & The Fury
April 8, 1928