Zen and the Art of the Internet

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Certain sections in this booklet are not my original work---rather,
they are derived from documents that were available on the Internet
and already aptly stated their areas of concentration.  The chapter
on Usenet is, in large part, made up of what's posted monthly to
news.announce.newusers, with some editing and rewriting.  Also, the
main section on archie was derived from whatis.archie by Peter
Deutsch of the McGill University Computing Centre.  It's available
via anonymous FTP from  Much of what's in the
telnet section came from an impressive introductory document put
together by SuraNet.  Some definitions in the one are from an
excellent glossary put together by Colorado State University.
This guide would not be the same without the aid of many people on The
Net, and the providers of resources that are already out there.  I'd
like to thank the folks who gave this a read-through and returned some
excellent comments, suggestions, and criticisms, and those who
provided much-needed information on the fly.  Glee Willis deserves
particular mention for all of his work; this guide would have been
considerably less polished without his help.
Andy Blankenbiller <>
Andy Blankenbiller, Army at Aberdeen
Alan Emtage, McGill University Computer Science Department
Brian Fitzgerald <>
Brian Fitzgerald, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John Goetsch <>
John Goetsch, Rhodes University, South Africa
Jeff Kellem, Boston University's Chemistry Department
Bill Krauss, Moravian College
Steve Lodin <deaes!>
Steve Lodin, Delco Electronics
Mike Nesel <>
Mike Nesel, NASA
Bob <>
Bob Neveln, Widener University Computer Science Department (Wanda Pierce)
Wanda Pierce, McGill University Computing Centre
Joshua Poulson, Widener University Computing Services
Dave Sill, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bob Smart, CitiCorp/TTI
Ed Vielmetti, Vice President of MSEN
Craig E. Ward <>
Craig Ward, USC/Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
Glee Willis <>
Glee Willis, University of Nevada, Reno
Charles Yamasaki <>
Chip Yamasaki, OSHA