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The Art of the START is a 2 year Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnership Project. The project aims to build a bridge between the worlds of academia and the business world, offering young adults the essential tools and skills needed to move into the world of business. As much as young adults need to know academic fundamentals in core school subjects such as Maths, Science and English, they also need to become aware of basic business skills which are at the heart of personal and business success.

The START project aims to assist young adults achieving these necessary skills by matching them with senior business people who will act as mentors. What makes this project unique is that the project partners will co-develop a mentoring handbook to support the mentor in mentoring the young entrepreneur and guide them to future success and offer them a chance to experience international visits and mobility.
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In brief the project aims to:
  • Provide a structured framework and guidance for the learning of essential business skills to mentor and mentee.
  • To assist socially disadvantaged young adults and enable them to succeed in the world of business.
  • To allow business people in the local area to share their skills with young entrepreneurs and serve as a bridge between generations and diverse groups.
  • To investigate self-employment and entrepreneurship as a means to tackle youth unemployment across member states of the EU.
  • To share and implement good practice and innovative ideas amongst partner agencies across the EU to create a truly European Good Practice Guidebook that can benefit all of the partners and European organisations.
The START Project is split into 3 areas:

For the purposes of the START Project we needed to identify and specify what design and format we wanted the mentoring to take. There is a key difference between mentoring and coaching and we needed to establish a clear framework to allow both the mentor and mentee to flourish. We also needed to establish what training will need to be provided for the potential mentors of the scheme.

Business Planning
The aim was for entrepreneurs to work towards the well known CANVAS business planning model as part of the scheme. It also included aspects of marketing and market research and other essential business planning tools.

Business Relationships
It was agreed by all partners that we needed to include information on pitching business ideas and products, networking and other such business relationships. We also included elements and modules on communication to prepare the younger adults for a successful life in the world of business and entrepreneurship

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