Our Group

Our group is based in New York, NY. Our small-group format provides an environment in which each seeker can grow personally and spiritually and develop tools and methods to live life more deeply. The seekers of this path are serious and devoted to becoming the best that they can be, and are not afraid to work hard to achieve that. You can not get the Craft of the Wise from reading a website or a book. You have to step forward and grasp it, not because you want it but because it is who you are.

The intention is to practice Magick and not just talk about it.

This is a group where practitioners (beginners and experts) of magick and nature-centered spirituality can share ideas and learn new tricks in a very comfortable and friendly environment. 

We are by no means your typical coven. We are not uniformly Wiccan, Pagan or belong to any magickal religions. There is no hierarchy here, no head priestess, no apprenticeship, no absolute rule because we believe we are all each others teachers and are equal in the circle. Each of us has something to contribute in philosophy, in practice, in wisdom and we embrace that in our fellow witches. There is no right or only way to practice magick.

We enjoy trying new things as a group and discovering our own truths along the way. It is common for various individuals to lead during a ritual. This gives us a lot of variety from ritual to ritual enriching both the coven and individual practices. There is already an abundant amount of incredible people with amazing gifts to share. 

We understand that practicing magick can be challenging and sometimes scary or lonely. You may not feel you have people in your life that you can connect to, share with and just be your wonderful magickal self. That is why we created this group as both a coven of mackical and spiritual learning, but also as a sanctuary of friendship and support.

We welcome open minded folk of all paths!

We like to have fun here at The Art of Magick and due to skyclad rituals at our events you must be at least 21 years old for membership.

Members will never be asked for any money for attending the events.  You are still welcome to bring any offerings for the benefit of the group (food, drinks, donation to cover space rental, or any other gift).

To all who come in sincere good will, whether for fellowship, knowledge, or spiritual quest: Blessed Be!