Official Responsibilities


Attend all Wednesday Stress Busters (6-7 PM) and Officer Meetings (45 min).

Attend one community service event per month

Flyer for one hour each week for the organization


President: (Must be a former officer)
     -Oversees all activities, works with each of officers
     -Sends out all emails that go out to listserv (including reminders for meetings, yoga sessions, events, etc.)
     -Places reservations for all meetings and events

Community Service Officer:
     -Searches for Community service opportunities in local area for each week (different event each week)
     -Places community service updates on the website and on Facebook (notifies president, who sends through email listserv)

     -Handles club funds, manages the bank account and updates financial records
     -In charge of handling all transactions made for various events, taking yes+ course fees from participants, etc.
     -Works with president to coordinate fundraising events with (ie: sales, profit shares with local businesses, etc.)

Publicity Officer:
     -Develops flyers for meetings, events, etc.
     -Coordinates weekly flyering schedules, as well as flyer postings
     -Coordinates Tabling in events like Freshman orientation, Forty Acres Fest, Explore UT, etc.

   -Manages the website and Facebook site, and posts any information on meetings, courses, etc.
    -Takes pictures at meetings and events
    -Assist Public Affairs in coordinating Tabling

Yesplus Workshop - Chair:
     -Works in conjunction with President in organizing the yesplus workshop
     -Posting course information on the website and FB
     -Coordinates mini “intro talks” with organizations on campus to publicize the course