Take a Breath, Cleveland! a community initiative by The Art of Living Foundation to De-stress, Recharge, and Revive the Cleveland area through the power of the breath, yoga and meditation.

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Welcome to the Art of Living Cleveland Center. We serve the local communities through courses that teach practical breathing techniques, meditation and yoga and provide people with natural tools to handle stress and calm the mind.

How do I Begin?

  • Attend our free Breath, Yoga, Meditation events to experience the magic.

  • If you are an organization and wish to host free meditation workshops:
    Contact Alex for more info: 218-236-4182, cleveland@us.artofliving.org

  • Register for the Art of Living Course to learn powerful techniques such as the Sudarshan Kriya to reduce stress and be more happy and healthy.
Featured Event:
Book signing event with Michael Details TBA soon.

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