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1 Preface

The Poetics of Place:
Industrial South Wales

Newport Museum and Art Gallery
John Wilson, Guest Curator
2004 - 2007


THE POETICS OF PLACE exhibition was open to the public at Newport Museum and Art Gallery from July 2004 to March 2007.  

The exhibition collates art works representing the South Wales industrial scene in the post-'45 period. We may say that this phase of painting of the Welsh industrial landscape stands as a counterpart to the earlier cultural achievement of the Welsh industrial novel.

This exhibition was originally conceived as a temporary exhibition to complement the Ernest Zobole Retrospective travelling exhibition which was then showing at Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition was intended to provide a wider historical frame of reference for paintings of the South Wales industrial scene in the post-'45 period. It also provided a good opportunity to display some of Newport's recent acquisitions, such as Heinz Koppel's Lover's Lane, Dowlais Top. (Some years ago when I interviewed Ernest Zobole in his studio at his home in Ystrad, Rhondda, he confirmed that Koppel, "a real artist", then based in Dowlais, had been an important figure on the South Wales art scene).