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Documenting the City:

Art and Society in Newport 

John Wilson, Guest Curator

Newport Museum and Art Gallery 

May - July 2007


  • Buzz Magazine, June 2007 | DOCUMENTING THE CITY  

"The exhibition also celebrates the city's desire to carry itself steadily forward into the future. This unique collection will not only be museum-bound as people can access and admire the anthology from their very own homes - an online gallery and archive has been set up to further enhance Newport's reputation as an extremely forward moving and thought provoking metropolis".


"Painstakingly, scouring not only Newport Museum and Art Gallery's own collection but also council offices, committee rooms and annexes, Roger Cucksey and friend and colleague John Wilson have amassed an actual and virtual art collection telling Newport's story from its rustic beginnings, through its flowering as an industrial Hercules in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the re-invention of itself as a city for the 21st century 



  • 30th May 2007 | metro.co.uk | Art Review | DOCUMENTING THE CITY    

"The exhibition offers a historical tour de force" 






"The way the public accesses the collection could be about to change forever, if an exciting new venture by Mr Cucksey and guest curator John Wilson is allowed to develop. | They are launching the gallery's first ever online version of an exhibition, DOCUMENTING THE CITY on May 11 (...) Long-term, this now opens up the possibility of creating an online catalogue of the collection, allowing a wider public than ever before to access this tremendous local resource, not least schools, art students and young people".