[2] City


Documenting the City:

Art and Society in Newport 

John Wilson, Guest Curator

Newport Museum and Art Gallery 

May - July 2007


  • An exhibition to celebrate Newport's coming of age as a City.




YouTube Video

Exhibition opening

"What we're seeing here (in this exhibition) is a declaration of our self confidence as a new city and our pride in the robust, gritty history of how its come to be what it is now". | Paul Flynn, MP (Newport West): Documenting the City, exhibition opening.

Exhibition review

Buzz Magazine, June 2007 | "DOCUMENTING THE CITY:The exhibition also celebrates the city's desire to carry itself steadily forward into the future. This unique collection will not only be museum-bound as people can access and admire the anthology from their very own homes - an online gallery and archive has been set up to further enhance Newport's reputation as an extremely forward moving and thought provoking metropolis".