Welcome to the new 2015-2016 School year! I am very excited to begin a new, second year, at North Hero and look forward to what our student-artists create. They are all very talented and exceptional artists!
Last year I had this site up, but did not share it with the world so to speak. Frankly, the year got past me so fast I just didn't have the opportunity...I was having so much fun working with the children!!!! So, this year will be different. I will post art here and keep you informed of what's happening in the program as the year progresses. As always, please feel free to come in for a visit and see what your amazing artists are creating! Thank you for your support.

These are new works by some of our very creative student-artists. They all show talent and a wonderful use of space and detail. Keep an eye on this page and each of the class pages as I will be adding work soon.

This piece, a cut paper design, was done by one of our fifth grade artists. It was inspired by the book by Peter Reynolds, "The Dot" ...at least that's what I think!

These are part of our "Art in the Hallway" series :)

Welcome to our new website dedicated to the student artists of North Hero Elementary School! This site will be "under construction" all year so please check back from time to time for updates and new artwork by the outstanding children at NHES.

This mural, in the gym/music/art/lunch room :) will be a joint effort by our very talented fifth and sixth graders. Mr. Lee will paint the high parts! Stay tuned for an updated picture as the students have been busy adding more to this ambitious project! ***The second picture is of our progress up to November 24th.***