Here are some words of support from people I've worked with recently:

Working with Pete Malicki has to be one of the best things I've done for my career. Not only did he afford many wonderful work opportunities for me, but he also got me thinking with a business mind, not just a creative one. After all, this is a business, and you need to be in the industry of business.

- Mikaela Franco, AFI-nominated actress

Pete is my recommended go-to for business and production advice in Sydney. I'm grateful for his help: he's enabled me to produce work for Short + Sweet, given me paid work through his Monologue Project, and provided outstanding advice on producing and writing my own shows. Get to know Pete Malicki if you want work in Sydney theatres.

- Atlas Adams, world-record-holding improviser

Pete's class was an eye opener for me. When I studied at NYFA we never got the other side of filming. We were always in front of the camera. With his class, I learned how it would be like to be a producer/assistant of a show, which has helped me a lot on the feature I'm working on as a 2nd AD.

There was one lesson he taught us which was about taking action in our lives and going for what we want. With this advice in mind I quit my horrible dead-end job and auditioned for an indie film, which I scored the lead for. Without this one class I wouldn't have gone for it. I thought to myself "What would Pete do?" and I found the answer.

He is intelligent, witty and it shows in his classes. I would love to be in another class he has and one day I hope to work with him again.
- Helen Shoobert

Award winning writer, producer and director Pete Malicki holds an important, information-packed workshop for all sectors of the creative industry. Pete generously shares his wealth of experience while guiding you through the steps towards a successful career in the arts. I recommend Pete's workshop to anyone wanting clues on how to make their creative dream a blossoming business.

- Eliza St John, award-winning actress

Pete’s course (The Intelligent Actor) covered everything from business and production skills for theatre creatives to the basics of writing, directing and performing a monologue. I found this broad reach quite empowering and Pete helped me see what my role as writer/actor might be within a production team. His years of experience and knowledge made him a confident presenter who inspired complete trust. My inner theatrical entrepreneur has been rekindled. Thanks, Pete.

- Kathryn Koromilas, author and actor

In the three years I've been in the industry I've learned more with Pete than with most other people. With a fantastic natural approach, Pete's friendly yet firm personality not only teaches you better acting skills but also professionalism. A chance to gain business skills in the acting industry from a professional who earns a living from it? That's an opportunity you should not miss!

- Rosemary Ghazi, award-winning actress

Having had the opportunity to work with and learn from Pete Malicki has been one of the best things I could have done for my career. Pete has many years of experience to draw from and is amazingly knowledgeable. Every time I go to one of his workshops I learn something new. As a teacher he is professional, creates a relaxed atmosphere, is incredibly encouraging to artists and gets you to think about things from a different perspective. If you get an opportunity to learn from him, take it!

- Katharine Babatzanis, actress

Pete's Business Skills For Artists workshop offers an authentic and prescriptive framework that will assist anyone, whether they are an actor, director, producer or writer. What you get is a set of solid ideas around which you can begin building a career. 

 - James Gallaway, actor and writer

Pete Malicki's Business Skills For Artists workshop was helpful and encouraging. In the acting industry it can sometimes feel as though you have very little control of what work/jobs you get, but I went away from Pete's workshop with quite a long list of simple actions I could take right away to help myself move forward as an artist. His straight-forward, practical approach encouraged me to simply try my ideas and see what happens, because by not doing that, nothing will happen.

- Roz Hicks, actor

I'd thoroughly recommend Pete Malicki's Business Skills For Artists seminar. Pete delivers an excellent overview of pretty much everything you need to know about the 'business' end of show business in an engaging and highly entertaining manner. Comprehensive, clear and action-orientated, this seminar is a must for anyone seeking to seriously further their career in the arts.

- Warren Glover, writer and actor

If you want acting to become your job, you will stop dreaming about it because you will gain the ability to actually do it through this course (The Intelligent Actor).
Xenia Bovitori, actor

The course provided me with a overview of the industry succinctly and efficiently. It is an essential course for anyone who wants to work as an actor. Given the limited time commitment that the course requires and the amount of information that is covered, it is worth every cent.

You have an easy and relaxing teaching style. I walked away with an overview of how the industry functions behind the scenes, what an actor needs to do personally to develop a career, what professional behaviour is expected of an actor and how to approach the important people and be successful in developing professional with those people.

Steve Allnutt

It was a really good course (The Intelligent Actor); very practical and I am really glad I did it. Far more able to throw myself into performing, with fewer worries about "am I getting it right?". And the combination of producing/business skills that were included are a rare find in dramatic arts-related training courses. I highly recommend the course.

- Glenn Groves, actor

I have learned so much by partaking in The Intelligent Actor course! I walked away with not only having had learned, practised and performed a 10 minute monologue but also having had focused on business skills and got a much better understanding of the theatre industry. 
Pete is a phenomenal teacher and fantastic role model to all aspiring actors wanting to make it in the industry. Pete has all of the knowledge and the skills to help you be the best actor you can be. THANK YOU PETE!!!

- Nicole Torode, actor

Wow! What a day, my head is still buzzing with inspiration! You covered so much, I'm so glad I could attend - great to have tangible tasks to work at, to feel encouraged to just keep on going, (!) and to be able to connect with others.

- Justine Scali, actor

Pete has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the creative field. He offers practical advice and clever ideas which will definitely assist you on your path in the arts industry. 

- Thao Thanh Cao, comedian

The information this course (The Intelligent Actor) provided is very useful. I gained a lot out of it.

- Natasha Frangoff, actor

From an aspiring writer/director point of view, I found Pete's workshop (Business Skills For Artists) to be packed full with inspiration, ideas and entertainment!

- Wayne Mitchell, writer and director

I found Pete's Malicki's workshop on Business Skills for Artists to be extremely well researched, as well as very engaging and enlightening.

- Phil Chaffey, actor and writer

Thank you again for your workshop, it's given me a lot of content to draw from and encouraged me for being on the right path because of the things I've done so far. 

- Davita van der Velde, actor

I found Pete's approach to business skills and career planning for artists incredibly helpful. I am relatively new to the arts industry and was becoming quite depressed at the lack of jobs and my own lack of career direction because of this. I felt like there was a million creative projects and avenues I wanted to pursue but no way of justifying why I would be doing them. Pete’s method of laying out career goals and steps to take towards them means I know what to do and when to do it, with clear direction. The method of laying out a weekly capacity plan also ensures I am always devoting time to my career goals despite whatever other commitments I have. I feel a lot more confident in my direction and approach to my creative career after only an hour workshop with him!

- Rose Newland, videographer

The workshop (Business Skills For Artists) was very worthwhile. The best thing I can say about it beside the practical info and tips is that your presentation was very engaging and the time just flew, as a result. I would happily recommend you as a public speaker.

- Mike Dengler, producer