Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching and why should artists get it?

Artists often spend a lot of time, money and effort perfecting their craft - whether that be acting, dancing, singing, writing, directing etc - yet they rarely invest anywhere near as much on the business side of things.

A Career Coach works with an artist to find an ongoing strategy which will give them the best possible chance of making a living from the arts. There are many different approaches you can use, including:

- understanding the industry and where to find opportunities
- understanding the economy of the arts and where you can make money
- building a brand around yourself
- building an online strategy and portfolio
- small business skills
- entrepreneurship and creating paid opportunities
- identifying tasks for professional development
- developing and implementing a task schedule
- accountability checks

Basically, a Career Coach can figure out what you need to do to be successful and help you make it happen!

Coaching package
I have developed a comprehensive coaching package where we work together for a period of 12 weeks. Not only will we create a strategy to get you the best results, we'll actually implement this strategy and measure your progress along the way.

This package involves a series of milestones, including face-to-face meetings, email/online communications, phone/Skype support, accountability checks and progress tracking. Here's the breakdown:

90 min - face-to-face planning session
This is a combination education and planning session. We will run through the key information you need to begin forging your artistic career, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need to make the best possible choices and find/create opportunities that will further your career. We will then develop an implementation strategy to make it happen, which will include a series of tangible tasks that you can undertake to create measurable progress.

Week 1
Accountability check (online)
I will check in to ensure you are working on your tasks and making progress. This is a quick check to keep you on track. Any questions or issues will be addressed in Week 4.

Week 2
60 min - business skills session
We will discuss the various aspects of operating as a sole trader or running a small business to cover things like insurances, ABN, GST, tax requirements etc. To be done via Skype / phone.

Week 3
Accountability check
Again, checking in to ensure you are making the progress necessary to properly further your career.

Week 4
60 min - face-to-face follow up
This session is designed to address the questions, challenges and impediments that have come up over the past few weeks. We will readjust strategies to ensure they are the most effective approach for you, and plan out the next two months.

Week 6
Accountability check

Week 8
Accountability check

Week 10
Accountability check

Week 12
60 min - face-to-face final session
This final check in evaluates how successful you've been in implementing your career plan. We will determine areas in need of further improvement and strategies to address these. We will also discuss a long-term plan and how to make it happen.

Additional support
Support hours
You have 2 support hours available to be used at any time within the three month plan. These can be used for advice, skills coaching (if applicable), website development etc. Phone or Skype is guaranteed but face-to-face will be offered where possible. Note that these will need to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Resource pack
Our Artists Resource Pack is included in the coaching package. If the Artists Resource Pack is updated with new materials during your 12 weeks, these will be forwarded to you.

The coaching package costs $1,245. Most artists spend considerably more money on training courses - it's time to invest in the other side of "show business".

To book the coaching package, email Pete Malicki on or call me to discuss on 0423 673 060.

Why Pete
Pete is unarguably one of Sydney's most versatile and successful arts professionals. He has worked his way up to a high level in several areas - event management, producing, directing, playwriting, teaching, literary management - and has made a living from the arts.

He directed and produced comedian Tim Ferguson's first ever stage play and has directed AFI and Helpmann nominated actors.

He has made money from writing, event management, producing, literary managing, editing, directing, coaching, developing and delivering workshops and more.

He has run several successful businesses, including a theatre company, a natural therapies clinic and a publishing company.

He works full time as a Training Project Officer for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, responsible for redeveloping a specialist training program and coaching the trainers.