Curriculum Vitae






Name: Attila Kalmár

E-mail: ekalm@freemail.hu

Date of birth:    08-22-1971

Place of birth: Budapest

Nationality:       Hungarian



I am a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer graduated in 1989 at the Hungarian Dance Academy. I was the member of Szeged Contemporary Dance Company http://www.szegedikortarsbalett.hu from 1990 till 2008 taking part in masses choreography created by some well-known choreographers from all around the world such as: Myriam Naisy, Phillipe Blanchard, Roberto Galvan, Zoltán Imre, Tamás Juronics, Joseph Thmim etc. I have been working at Yvette Bozsik Company http://www.ybozsik.hu as a guest dancer for years. After leaving Szeged Contemporary Dance Company I have been working as a freelancer. Having spent almost two decades on the stage I gained efficient knowledge in various dance styles (Graham, Limon, Classical Ballet, Contact, etc). Besides my active dance career I've started to give either classical or contemporary dance lessons and dance courses at several dance schools and to make choreographies in theaters. I have recently assisted in tour organization as a manager at Szeged Contemporary Dance Company.





2008-                                      Freelancer, Dance instructor, Choreographer


2004-                                      Yvette Bozsik Company (as a guest dancer) http://www.ybozsik.hu


1993-2008                              Szeged Contemporary Dance Company  http://www.szegedikortarsbalett.hu 


1990-1993                              Szeged Ballet


Choreographers:                      Zoltán Imre, Tamás Juronics, Roberto Galvan, Myriam Naisy, Philippe Blanchard, Joseph Thmim, Uri Ivgi, Jorma Uotinen, Ben Craft, Martin Stiefermann, Bernd Schindowsky, Yvette Bozsik, Katalin Lőrincz, István Juhos, Ádám Fejes, Matthew Hawkins, Éva Duda.


Significant choreographies:


1991                                       The Four Seasons 1939 (chor.: Zoltán Imre)

1991                                       Behind the Dream (chor.: Jorma Uotinen)

1992                                       Dream about Kafka (chor.: Zoltán Imre)

1992                                       Memories of a hardly used drying line (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

1993                                       Firework (chor.: Bernd Schindowsky)

1993                                       Concert for Bandoneon and Orchestra (chor.: Roberto Galvan)

1993                                       Requiem (chor.: Roberto Galvan)

1994                                       The Arena (chor.: Juronics Tamás)

1995                                       Sepia’s smile (chor.: Ben Craft)

1995                                       Le sacre du printemps (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

1996                                       Homo Ludens (chor.: Juronics Tamás)

1996                                       Te Deum (chor.: István Juhos)

1997                                       Etienne (chor. Philippe Blanchard)

1997                                       Splinters (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

1998                                       Trallala (chor.: Juronics Tamás)

1998                                       Aprés Moi (chor.: Uri Ivgi)

1999                                       Whisper of Angels (chor. Myriam Naisy)

1999                                       A crying man’s tales (chor.: Joseph Thmim)

2000                                       Orpheus (chor.: Myriam Naisy)

2000                                       Postscriptum (chor.: Juronics Tamás)

2000                                       Rush (chor.: The dancers of the company)

2001                                       Carmina Burana (chor.: Juronics Tamás)

2002                                       Firebird (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2003                                       Carmen (chor.: Uri Ivgi)

2003                                       The Tragedienne (chor.: Martin Stiefermann)

2004                                       In and Out (chor.: Ádám Fejes)

2004                                       The Ball (chor.: Yvette Bozsik) /As a guest dancer in the Company Yvette Bozsik/

2004                                       New World (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2004                                       A Midsummer-Night’s Dream (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2005                                       Atlantis (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2005                                       Dance suite (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2006                                       Carmen (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2006                                       The Miraculous Mandarin (chor.: Tamás Juronics)

2007                                       Magic Circus (chor.: Yvette Bozsik) ) /As a guest dancer in the Company Yvette Bozsik/

2007                                       The Four Seasons (chor.: Tamás Topolánszky)

2007                                       Swan Lake (chor.: Tamár Juronics)

2008                                       Magic Flute (chor.: Yvette Bozsik) /As a guest dancer in the    Company Yvette Bozsik/

2008                                       Green Salon ( chor.: Éva Duda)

2008                                       Traviata (chor.: Yvette Bozsik)

2009                                       Death and the Maiden (chor.: Yvette  Bozsik)



2009                                       The Tragedy of the Man (taking  part as a choreographer)  Jókai Theater of  Békéscsaba

2009                                       Stonetroll ( taking part as a choreographer)    Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba



EDUCATION                        Hungarian Dance Academy

                                               Training of Dance Pedagogues Faculty

                                               In progress 2006-


Szeged University Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College                   Faculty            

                                               Graduated in 2003 as a cultural manager


Hungarian Dance Academy 1981-1989

                                               Graduated in 1989




Scholarships                  The starting career benefit of the Town Council of Szeged (1993)

                                               Spanish Cultural Scholarship (Hungarian Scholarship Committee, Cultural Ministry of Hungary, Cultural Ministry of Spain) (2003)







 Public prize (1993)   


  Imre Zoltán prize (1999)

                                               Kölcsey medal (2004)

                                               The Best Dancer of The Year /prize of the Hungarian                                                                            Dancer         

                                               Association/ (2005)

                                               Harangozó Gyula prize (2008) given by the Secretery of Culture