Michael Brady grew up in the United States as the son of European parents. The urbanised world of New York and Miami formed the background for his childhood. The complexity of the city is the key theme in his work. He paints “snapshots” of industrial buildings, facades covered in graffiti and rows of dustbins, anonymous people in crowds and abandoned outer suburbs. It is the unpolished reality of a city in constant motion, the city as seen from the highway, as a passer-by. His style seems to have adapted in tempo and movement to the environment. Brady sets down his paintings at one sitting, in rapid strokes. His canvases have a photographic character despite the loose brushstrokes.Brady is greatly orientated towards the effect of lighting. The mood of a quiet winter day in an American suburb or of a late afternoon with the fire escape casting graphic shadows over the front of buildings, becomes almost tangible. Presented without comment, as seemingly neutral registrations, his works can be seen as metaphors for modern-day life.  

Education: University of Miami in Florida, National Academy in New York, Escuella de Bellas Artes in Barcelona

his actuall price for a original painting : between € 4000,- to 7000,-




all paintings oil/ canvas, about 60to80cm