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ulta cosmetics coupons
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  • Ulta is a chain of beauty superstores in the United States carrying cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and haircare. Each store is outfitted with a full-service salon as well.
ulta cosmetics coupons - Shany Shimmer
Shany Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, 50/50 Shimmer Matte, 13-Ounce
Shany Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, 50/50 Shimmer Matte, 13-Ounce
Did you know that all Shany's collection are made, assembled, cherry picked, and inspected by hand? There are no machine made eye shadows in this collection; each single eye shadow has been put in a palette by hand, as you can see in the pictures. Color rainbow has been the best selling brand in department stores and major beauty salons. Shany's product are beauty leaders in the market, as their pigments quality are always top of the line. This particular eye shadow kit is made after weeks of research on popular colors for cold and hot weather and for day and night styles. What you see is a complete deluxe makeup kit that every woman must have. We take the most pride in our product's quality since each single eye shadow will be inspected twice, before packaging, and before shipment. The colors are long lasting and will not fade after sometime unlike the other brands out there. Once you applied Shany eye shadow there is no need for reapplying, the color will stay until you wash it off. The variety of colors will allow you to do any kind of look you desire such as cat eyes, smokey eyes, bridal look and so on. Once u have this kit you can simply get rid of any other eye shadow kit that you have because you will get every color that you possibly need in this kit.

The SHANY Sunset Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Set of 88 Colors) offers a complete assortment of eye shadows to suit both casual and formal attire. Including shimmering and matte shades and trendy colors in 1/2-inch round pans, the slender, portable compact has mirror and two shadow sponge applicators. Made from a natural mineral oil base, the vivid colors of the eye shadow palette will last for hours--no need to reapply.
Sunset Collection
Eyeshadow Palette
(Set of 88 Colors)
At a Glance:

88 shades of eye shadow in matte and shimmering hues

Mineral oil-based powder resists smudging and fading

Slim, compact design with mirror and eye shadow applicators

Washes off easily with your normal face-cleansing routine

Selected and packaged by hand; inspected twice for quality


SHANY Sunset Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Set of 88 Colors) Product Shot
Shimmering and matte shades let you take your looks from day to night in one convenient kit. View larger.
SHANY Sunset Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Set of 88 Colors) Product Shot
Natural mineral oil base creates a vivid shade that is resistant to fading.
View larger.
SHANY Sunset Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Set of 88 Colors) Product Shot
Eye Shadow Palette with 88 Versatile Shades
Whether you want to use a subtle matte shade for work or a romantic, shimmering shade for date night, the SHANY Sunset Collection Eye Shadow Palette has shades for the occasion in one convenient kit. Just like a professional makeup artist, you'll have a rainbow of blues, violets, greens, and metallic tones to play with at your fingertips.
Long-Lasting Mineral Oil Base Resists Smudging
Each eye shadow in this palette is made from a natural mineral oil base that creates a vivid, highly pigmented shade, smooth application with every stroke, and resistance to fading or smudging.
The eye shadow can be easily washed off at the end of the day using your normal makeup removal routine.
Slim, Portable Design for Easy Storage
The slender, portable compact features colors that are neatly organized from smokey grays to bright hues. It's lightweight and small enough to throw into a bag or store on your vanity table. The top piece of the case includes a large mirror and two eye shadow sponge applicators for easy application.
The palette does not include any brushes. Try pairing it with the SHANY Studio-Quality Natural Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch (sold separately) for easy, smooth application.
Inspected Twice for Quality Control
Each shade of the kit has been made and assembled in the palette by hand for precision and quality. All eye shadow is inspected twice before shipping to ensure a high-quality, defect-free product.
Packaged in a black compact printed with the SHANY logo, this eye shadow palette set makes an ideal gift for a girlfriend, wife, or sister.
About SHANY: Sleek. Sexy. Breathtaking.
With a commitment to high quality, SHANY creates a variety of makeup kits, cases, and accessories. Offering easy accessibility to professional-quality makeup and accessories for at-home users, SHANY assembles and hand-selects every item in their assortment of makeup collections. All shadows are formulated with a natural mineral oil base and packaged in recyclable plastic. SHANY is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and does not test any makeup on animals.
What's in the Box
One SHANY Sunset Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Set of 88 Colors).

SHANY Matrix Eyeshadow Header
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Mineral Eye

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March 2010, Part 2
March 2010, Part 2
At the outlets, I stopped into American Apparel and the Cosmetic Company Store. At AA, I got 6 of the nail polishes that everyone has been raving about: Manila, Hunter, Peacock, Mount Royal, Mouse and Factory Grey. (There was no Office or Dynasty available, boo.) Pretty awesome colors, and a great price: 3 for $15. At CCS, I picked up some MAC items that I didn't get a chance to get the first time around: Subculture and Nightmoth lip pencils, Landscape Green pigments (I'll probably be picking up a lot of pigments over the next couple of months since MAC has changed the packaging on their current pigments), Post Haste, Bright Future and Cool Heat eye shadows. As usual, if Ulta sends me coupons, I must use them. I purchased Essence's stamping kit, Ulta Jaded, and Maybelline Minty nail polishes.
Ulta - Tainted Love
Ulta - Tainted Love
Supposedly the dupe for the Sally Hansen Project Runway polish that was Canada exclusive. This is a mini polish that was part of the Ulta Glam Goth collection. It's a greenish-blue base, with yellow green shimmer. The brush from the mini was actually very easy to handle. Three coats. Please credit if used or taken out! <3 Thanks

ulta cosmetics coupons