Shiseido The Makeup Lifting Foundation : Bridal Make Up Course.

Shiseido The Makeup Lifting Foundation

shiseido the makeup lifting foundation
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Langen Foundation
Langen Foundation
Langen Foundation Neuss, Germany Architect and Artist - Tadao Ando The Langen Foundation is a masterpiece composed of lines and a fascinating interplay between inside and outside, art and nature, massiveness and lightness. It is a constructed place that is not only an envelope for art but also exhibits itself. The largest sculpture in the exhibition is the architecture itself. The glass envelope, supported by steel girders, protects the perimeter around the 76 meter long, 10.8 meter wide and 6 meter high concrete core. Reflections in the glass skin and in the water of the shallow pond dissolve borders and communicate an impression of weightlessness. The Langen Foundation is located at the Raketenstation Hombroich, a former NATO base, in the midst of the idyllic landscape of the Hombroich cultural environment. Making reference to the history of the location with its old fortifications, the building is surrounded by earthworks which protect the building from the outside and at the same time heighten interest in what lies behind them. Ando’s familiar, concrete like silk, long stairs, ramps and light slits, characterize the building.
Comprinhas, comprinhas....
Comprinhas, comprinhas....
1-Givenchy-Prismissime 9 Colors Eyeshadow - 55 Tempting Chocolate; 2-Hidro Powders H5 Aqua Shimmer e H2 Whitelights -Shiseido( Entrei na moda); 3-Brow Tech Wax-Smashbox ( Este e para ajeitar a sobrancelha, estou doida para testar, na embalagem diz para passar com pincel chanfrado); 4-The Makeup Lifting Foundation SPF 15 - B20 Natural Light -Shiseido; 5-Brindes; 6- Lancome-Blush Subtil -06 Peche Intense; 7-Dior Bronze Harmonie Sunshine Blush -005 Spicy Desert; 8-Carita- Le Cheveu Anti-Split Ends Complex . Esqueci da sombra da Lancome, e 805 Pretty Blue ( Shimmering ) -Essa esta na promo do Morangao e e lindinha postei o swatche dela.

shiseido the makeup lifting foundation