Ocean's Newest Paintings

Ocean's Newest Collection of Paintings Have The Theme Of :

                              Our Universal Immersion Of Bliss When At The Sea.

Specifically, Women In White in their various ways of communing with the Element of Water At the Seacoast.

Ocean - "I Belong To The Sea", Arylic on Canvas, 24" x 36"

"I Love It!" by Ocean- Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"

Ocean, who was named for the sea, is an artist whose work reflects her own love of the world - of nature, of all beings, including us, and of all cultures.  Known in the arts only by her first name, Ocean's paintings often have to do with her life on the seacoast.

Ocean volunteers for wildlife rescue, and is inspired by her love of all the beings who adore the sea as well as those of our specie.

This new collection shows people immersed in their adoration of being at the beach.

                                                                                     "I Wish...." by Ocean - Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"

"Everyone has his or her own way of communing with nature, and I especially love to depict people when they are at their most reverent. So many of us live for the moments we spend at the seaside, that just witnessing, say, a child in joyousness, or an older person wishing he could spend another lifetime there, or anyone becoming one, almost, with the forces of the cosmos, is inspiring to me as an artist", Ocean related in a recent interview on her artwork. "For many, I believe it's the closest they ever get to religion, and for others, it's just total abandonment to something much larger than ourselves."