Ocean's Newest Artworks

Ocean's new collection of medium and large acrylics on canvas, entitled, "Sea Worship", depicts people immersed in their adoration of our universal passion at being at the beach.
"The way everyone becomes enthralled and hypnotized by the sound, the scent, and the movement of the waves is something quite beautiful and unique in our lives, " Ocean said in a recent interview of her artwork. "I love painting images of people caught in that rapturous moment of awe and reverence."

                                                                                                      Ocean - "I Belong To The Sea", Arylic on Canvas, 24" x 36"

Ocean's collection is of women in white. All types of women, enjoying their time of communion with the forces of nature. "They are transfixed and transformed," Ocean relates, "by their encounters with the sea."

"I Love It!" by Ocean- Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"

Ocean, who was named for the sea, is an artist whose work reflects her own love of the world - of nature, of all beings, including us, and of all cultures.  Using only her first name, Ocean often paints artworks with themes having to do with her life on the seacoast.

Ocean volunteers for wildlife rescue, and is inspired by her love of all the beings who adore the sea as well as those of our specie.

This new collection shows people immersed in their adoration of being at the beach.