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Ocean Artist

"Impressions In Green", Acrylic by Ocean  

Ocean has several styles she loves to work in, and she also accepts custom commissions, creating paintings and murals and other designs and illustrations that meet the client's ideas of color and theme.

Here are some of the other artworks Ocean has created:

Cover For Ocean's Book, The Mers, by Ocean

"Butterfly Girl", Watercolor, by Ocean

                                                                                                                                  "Calypso Cruising", Acrylic, by Ocean

"Woman From India", Mixed Media, by Ocean

   "Wide Bouquet", Pastel, by Ocean

                                                     "Tiger Portrait", Mixed Media, by Ocean

                                                                        "Junior On His Satin Coverlet", Watercolor, by Ocean

                                            "Dolphin Underwater", Acrylic by Ocean