Enjoy Salsal Mango Rice Bowl, New Sensations Kyochon Menu!

Incessant, culinary world  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/ creates different foods that are able to attract the attention of food lovers. Ranging from spicy food with a variety of current levels longer to bloom until the food memadupadankan a wide range of materials. One of them, Salsal Mango Rice Bowl, new sensations Menu Kyochon.

After 9 months the presence of Kyochon in the midst of the community of Jakarta, Kyochon has gained excellent acceptance especially among the http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml  fans of K-Pop and lovers of fried chicken. Through its three outlets in Pacific Place, City and City, Gandaria Kasablanka Kyochon makin establishes its existence among the culinary lovers cock. Now, with his new dish introduced Kyochon freshness taste of mango fruit. This fresh new Menu selections complement the tasty dishes in the restaurant Kyochon.

Salsal Mango Rice Bowl is a new menu which is manifested by Kyochon Indonesia started in this July. The presence of this new menu inspired from the summer atmosphere synonymous with warmth, sweet and fresh. Therefore the image of the summer sunshine would have been present to Rice bowl Mango Salsal tables, Subscriber Kyochon.

Salsal Mango Rice Bowl is a rice dish mixed with chunks of chicken, mango fruit Salsal, fresh lettuce and red onion. Chicken breast pieces is Salsal boneless fried rice crsipy crispness. This dish also comes with ornate pieces of olives and soy sauce. Not only it looks tantalizing, every suapan Salsal Mango Rice Bowl gives the sensation that will not be forgotten.

With so many different menu options presented, Kyochon will continue to be committed and consistently to innovate in developing different types of menus for the satisfaction of its customers.
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