Welcome to this website on duck - alias Alvin EECKELS - a first generation graffiti pioneer in Europe.  The site has been set-up and is managed by a collectivity around duck.

Above "URBAN DREAM" is a work of Art and Project of about 50 meters by 5 m high, developed by duckfx - the name of the "duck" crew - in collaboration with the city of Charleroi and some of its youngsters and citizens. The project sends out an inspiring beacon to youngsters, call upon urban dwellers to a constructive spirit, to uplift aspirations and ambitions alike, build bridges between different age groups, prepare ground for comprehension, and this along Agenda 21 and the the Millennium Development Goals.  

Similar artists to duckfx: Panamarenko, Van Gogh.
Interesting links: www.GraffitiFund.tk, Fund investing in Graffiti and Managing a Launch Platform for Graffiti Talent.

Hot News

  • Preserving the Urban Dream graffiti work The above banner is a work by the duckfx team.  Today, GraffitiFund.tk has put on their "To Do" list to take up contact with the city to stress the ...
    Posted Oct 15, 2010, 2:18 AM by Sven AERTS
  • Workshop: themes for Graffiti that link-up, increase value and sell Today we had a workshop on a topic that artists struggle with from time to time: what theme to work around?  Are there any themes to work around that relate ...
    Posted Oct 15, 2010, 2:15 AM by Sven AERTS
  • duck, tally sticks, CO2e-money and freedom Today, a first tally stick was made from a masterpiece of duck.  The wood in duck's masterpieces is weighted and then the CO2e-stored in the wood is calculated ...
    Posted Sep 28, 2010, 12:19 PM by Sven AERTS
  • Can art save the world? UNESCO organizes Second World Conference on Arts Education 25 to 28 May in SeoulLeading experts will assemble at the Second World Conference on Arts Education from 25 to 28 ...
    Posted May 30, 2010, 7:39 PM by Sven AERTS
  • Duckfx paint's @ cosmopolitan art tour Bxl 2010 Duckfx paint's @ cosmopolitan art tour 2010.
    Posted May 14, 2010, 9:05 AM by Alvin Peter V Eeckels
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Work by duck in a loft.

Facinating about the artist duckfx is that he made a conscious choice at a very young age: to leave the imposed educational system and to accept and live the consequences of going the unbeaten track.  Appropriating his world, the streets, walls of our buildings as his canvas and place to perform his arts. This resulted in a break-away style of art, very often multi-dimensional and organic. Enjoy, read more and be inspired by: duckfx 

Who are we ?

We are a collective around urban nomad artist duckfx alias Alvin EECKELS: ducfx, the master himself of course, his students, followers, collective and management team, partners and volunteers. Contact us/Join us