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 96 Elihu Vedder, Memory, 1870, oil on mahogany panel
Potential images: ambiguity and indeterminacy in Modern Art
by Dario Gamboni
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Van Gogh Controversy 
 Ms. Ilona Covert  / Creator at VanGogh Controversy - Website 
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Ryan Bennetts / Dunedin, New Zealand 
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The Art Collector / Hidden Images in Art 
By Dave and Barbara Joseph
Canyon Country California
 As beautiful as art can be, sometimes there is more to see than first meets the eye.
Some artists are known for hiding images within their paintings, or the art of camouflage.

Vincent Van Gogh is said to have hidden images within his works,
but there is some controversy about whether those images were placed intentionally by the artist,
or whether they are created in the imagination of the viewer.

However, present day artists can verify that they have placed hidden images within their
Two artists who are well known for their camouflage art are Bev Doolittle and Judy Larson.

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The Blue Trees
Hidden Miniatures and Faces in Renaissance and Impressionist Paintings
Water Lilies / Nympheas (1916)
painting by Claude Monet.
Hidden image discovery by
Kelli Allen
Kansas City Missouri.
May 2012
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