Michelange​lo - The Beginning of my studies, research and discoveries.

Started - August 18th, 2012
"  All you may need is one correct observation to unlock the meaning
   of a masterpiece. " - Simon Abrahams
 " If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery,
 it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all.."
 - Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo: Faces and Anatomy in his Art

Youtube video by Dennis Pelliccia

Michelange​lo: Faces and Anatomy in Art by Sue Tatem

My new Artist friend, Sue Tatem
Whaling Ship Carthaginian Maui, Hawaii

About the Author
Sue (Ann Lingenfelter) Binkley Tatem, Ph.D. was "first girl" of Broomfield High School's first high school class in 1962 (Colorado).
 She earned her B.A. in Biology in 1966 from the University of Color... ado (Boulder) with honors, Summa cum Laude;
studied biology at Rice University in Houston, Texas; and won her Ph.D. from the University of Texas in Austin in 1971.
 She was postdoctoral fellow at NIH in Bethesday, Maryland. She was Professor of Biology at Temple University for 22 years and
 is author of four science books (The Pineal, Prentice Hall, 1988; The Clockwork Sparrow, Prentice Hall, 1990; Endocrinology,
Harper Collins College Publishers 1995; Biological Clocks, Harwood Academic Publishers, 1997).
She lives in Aspen, Lahaina, and Stone Harbor NJ. In 2008 she flew Around the
World with National Geographic and crossed the dateline stopping at Aggie Grey's Apia, Samoa.
Starry Night in Aspen by Artist Sue Tatem

Sistine Chapel Celling


Do you see what I see ? Sistine Chapel - Jeremiah - ( hidden image )
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Do you see what I see ? # 2 / Sistine Chapel - Jeremiah - ( hidden image )
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 Michelangelo's painting  - Jeremiah lamenting the fall of Jerusalem

 before restoration

 Hidden face
Cumaean Sibyl
Do you see what I see ? / Sistine Chapel - The Last Judgment - ( hidden image )
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