My Discoveries of Hidden Images
in Van Gogh, Gauguin, Da Vinci, Paul Bril,
Claude Monet, Rembrandt  and Roelandt Savery paintings.
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Illusion Imagery ? Revealed hidden figures ? or Creative imagination ? 
Vincent Van Gogh Paintings
Research started  July 11, 2011
Dennis Pelliccia
Vincent van Gogh / In a letter to sister Wil
" What impassions me most--much, much more than all the rest of my métier--
is the portrait, the modern portrait. I seek it in colour, and surely I am not the only one to seek it in this direction.
I you, far be it from me to say that I shall be able to do it, although this is what I am aiming at--
I should like to paint portraits which would appear after a century to people living then as apparitions. "
 letter W 22 / Auvera-sur-Oise - 5 June 1890

Vincent van Gogh used Illusion Imagery in his paintings.

What did Vincent mean by  apparitions ?
I believe Vincent van Gogh used " Illusion Imagery" in his Self-Portrait paintings. 
Illusion Imagery in Portrait paintings of others ? I can't say yet. I need to study them.  
The Paintings: Van Gogh's Self-Portraits
Vincent van Gogh: The Portraits
You must squint your eyes in order to see images
sit three feet away from screen
zoom in zoom out
Experiment. In time you will see Illusion Imagery in Vincent's Portraits.
Make a fist. Open up some. Look through the opening in your hand like it is a telescope.
* Their are other Illusion Images in Vincent's Self-Portraits besides the ones I have  revealed in each painting.
When squinting at each painting of Vincent ... I get a feeling like he is standing right in front of me.
squint eyes
I dream of painting and then I paint my dream
Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat 
Paris: Spring-Summer, 1887                                                                                  
squint eyes      
*  Focus on nose  *
Notice when you squint your eyes the pipe moves to Vincent's collar.
Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe
Arles: January, 1889

Self-Portrait with Pipe

Paris: Spring, 1886
Two different men ?


False Head Photo

The large bearded head between the two people appears as the most dominant thing in this photo. You just can't miss it.

No doubt some people will think it looks like Jesus, but in fact, the head exists only as an illusion.

Appearances don't always agree with reality.
In actuality, the photo shows a child sitting on the man's knee and not a man's  head. I kid you not.
Block out the head's "hair." That's just foliage in the background.
The child's head appears as the "eye" in the large head.
The hat on the child appears as the  forehead in the head.
The child's sleeve looks like the nose, and the child's bent arm looks like the "mustache."

It may take you awhile to see this.



 Self-Portrait with Dark Felt  Hat  

Paris: Spring, 1886                          


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          121 127 years ago ( as of 2013 ) it wouldn't have been as hard to see these images.    


Vincent van Gogh: The Paintings (Self-Port​rait with Dark Felt Hat at the Easel                                                                
Paris: Spring, 1886

Vincet van  Gogh: The Paintings (Self-Port​rait with Dark Felt Hat at the Easel                                                                                              
Paris: Spring, 1886

squint eyes
Self-Portrait in Front of the Easel
Paris: early 1888
"Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles"  by Vincent Van Gogh
You don't have to squint your eyes for this one.
Discovery on July 15, 2011 by Dennis Pelliccia

My Discoveries of Hidden Images in Van Gogh, 
Gauguin, Da Vinci, Paul Bril and Claude Monet paintings. 


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