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This Week’s Cover Artist: Sue Tatem
December 15, 2012 by Marion Wolberg Weiss
Starry Night in Aspen    
16x20, acrylic
Oliver - Good Morning Starshine
 Sag Harbor on a Starry Night
 16x20, acrylic on stretched canvas
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Artist Sue Tatem - December 14, 2012 Issue / page 35 - interview

Dennis in front of the American Hotel

King Kullen - Bridgehampton  ( gets wiped out the next day )
7/11 Store - Sag Harbor
distributions racks at hundreds of locations on Long Island and Manhattan

11" x 14 " watercolor          

Starry Night at the Maroon Bells
A squid of carrots
Painting by Sue Tatem
Columbian mammoths at Snowmass
A gossip of grapes
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