Biography of Artist, CATHY BENNETT

Cathy Bennett’s paintings are filled with color and fun, a reflection of her personality.  After receiving her degree from Michigan State University, Bennett headed west and is now very comfortably settled in San Diego. Continuing her art studies in San Diego, she has studied with many master artists including, Catherine Grawin, Reed Cardwell, Marc Whitney, Dixon Fish, Susan Roden and Pat Kelly.

Bennett enjoys working with color and wants the viewer to feel the upbeat nature of her art.  She feels that art should bring good feelings to the viewer and this is reflected in her color and subject matter.  This same attitude is seen in the jewelry she creates.  Each piece of jewelry is a unique piece of art. Bennett’s paintings and jewelry are found in collections in the US and internationally.

Cathy has lived and traveled extensively throughout the world. She loves each travel experience and incorporates the color and beauty she has seen in to each painting.