My Home with Studio 


N Ajayan


Welcome to everybody to my home. I am also an Indian who likes to others.


I give equal space to those weeping by covering their black faces and to those do facial and smiling.


I am very gladful to receive my guest by the typical Kerala style of giving water to wash the feet and guide by giving light and treat them with food and water and give shelter.


I like to chat with my guest at the riverside which is at the back of my home.


Yes, this is my home. Each person who comes here can know me by entering and passing each and every room. They can know what was (and is) my life. They can guess what will be my life and also advise me. They can know me whether they come here first time or daily. You should watch and catch me if I try to stall and swatch from you and vice versa. Please don’t steal anything from here because you are always welcome. You can’t steal,

If not I can’t forgive. Nobody knows the secret of destruction so let me not to torture you.


There may not be, like great artists, different smells and varied tastes in my home. Sometimes  this is the tastes of salt. That is the salt of tears. Sometimes there may be a jingling sound. That is due to my laughter. You see, their blood. That is due to my self torture. As I work hard you may smell sweet. You may get some other smells because I am a man. In my kitchen you may smell fungus of bread because I am a hungry man. There are cats meet on the trees; birds sing on the branches. Fishes swim in the water of the pond – I don’t catch and eat them. Flowers flourish. But I don’t pick them. You can judge my habits. All of these things would be useful to intelligent people, because there are no fools in this world. If  I can be a model how to realize a fool of an intelligent man. I don't need furthermore. Come to my home it is my reward.

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Artist N Ajayan