Challenges for 2010
We had 21 challenges -- something for everyone.
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Wear Your Heraldry: Challenger: Lady Brunissende Dragonette
Beere doth make a man fat and inflateth the Belye: Challenger: Lord Robert Fairfax ***UPDATED***

Coordinator’s Challenge – learn a new art: Challenger: Lady Elizabet Marshall

Jewelry/Glass/Metal Challenge: Challenger: Lady Carowyn Silveroak

Professional Embroiderer's Sampler: Challenger: Baroness Elizabeth Talbot ***UPDATED***

Period Non-Cloth or Clothing Personal Accessories: Challenger: Baroness Elizabeth Talbot ***UPDATED***
Food for the Cloth of Gold: Challenger: Baroness Elizabeth Talbot ***UPDATED***
Teach Me Something: Challenger: Lord Corwyn Ravenwing
Find a New Song: Challenger: Lady Sibhan ni Dhonnabhain
Cartoon for Embroidery: Challenger: Mistress Briony of Chatham
Cultivate a Dyeplant and Dye With It: Challenger: Mistress Ariyanangai Mokane (formerly known as Anne Liese Wolkenhaar)
Weave with Handspun: Challenger: Mistress Ariyanangai Mokan (formerly known as Anne Liese Wolkenhaar)
Chain Maille Jewelry: Challenger: Lady Apollonia Voss
Byzantine Cookery: Challenger: Lady Apollonia Voss
Create A Weapon: Challenger: Avitoria vidua
Court Wear for Youth: Challenger: Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar
Create a New Dance: Challenger: Lady Jane Milford
Period Bowstring: Challenger: Lady Naomi bat Avraham
Dress the Kingdom Champions' Horses: Challenger: Baroness Doucette de Verdun
Period Game: Challenger: Master Michel Wolffauer
Present a Dance: Challenger: Duchessa Diana Alene Tregirtse
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