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Issue a Challenge

This is an "open" challenge -- that is, not just members of the Order of the Laurel may issue a challenge (though challengers should know something of the field in which they are issuing a challenge). Challenges should relate to SCA-period arts or sciences, or to SCA Life.  Service challenges anyone? If you need inspiration, check out some of the past challenges from 2010 and 2011 and 2012.
Challengers, please contact Elizabet Marshall artisanscdw@housemarshall.org with information for the challenge you'd like to make. If you just have an idea and need help with fleshing it out, we'll be happy to assist.
Challengers will be responsible for determining the rules for their individual challenges.  You will be the one who decides which of those gentles taking up your challenge "passes."  It is up to the individual challenger to decide if there will be one "winner" or if everyone who completes or attempts the challenge will be acknowledged.  Prize(s) are also up to the challenger, and not required (though some token of acknowledgement should be considered).
Please be as specific as possible when issuing your challenge.  Please also provide contact information that can be posted on this website for people to contact you with questions.  
Deadline to issue challenges for 2014 is October 31, 2013.  This is firm, to allow artisans time to meet the challenges. Please take the time available into account when issuing your challenge.