On the Crusaders' Trail
Challenger: Mistress Briony of Chatham
Since this is my third challenge, I'm picking the Third Crusade, 1187-1192, when Richard I of England, Philip I of France and Frederick I of the Holy Roman Empire took up arms to free the Holy Land from the rule of Saladin.
The challenge is to create something relating to this crusade. It can be food eaten by the crusaders, belongings carried by them, items brought back to an entrhalled European populace, tales of glory (or the treachery of Prince John), clothing, armor.... The challenge is open to any art or science and cross-entries to other challenges are happily accepted. 
Documentation is encouraged.
Note for those presenting food: that ingredient lists are mandatory. If you need kitchen space, contact the event staff at least one week prior to the event. We cannot gaurantee that you will have access to the kitchen without prior contact.
  Contact challenger Briony of Chatam at brionyodee@optonline.net