Food for the Decameron
Challenger: Meesteress Annetje Van Woerden
"The summits of the loftiest mountains were already illuminated by the rays of the rising sun, the shades of night were fled, and all things plainly visible, when the queen and her company arose, and hied them first to the dewy mead, wehre for a while they walked: then, about half tierce, they wended their way to a little church that was hard by, where they heard Divine service; after which, they returned to the palace, and having breakfasted with gay and gladsome cheer, and sung and danced a while, were dismissed by the queen, to rest them as to each might seem good. But when the sun was past the meridian, the queen mustered them again for their wonted pastime; and, all being seated by the fair fountain, thus, at her command, Neifile began..." The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio
Thus begins my challenge.  Gather what you may from this intrepid story and creat a repast for one celebrating the gathering of the odd fellows of the Decameron.  The foods and receipts may either be taken from the tales of the authors within, or from the time of the original work.
Written documentation, notes, and insights into why you chose a particular are of study is graciously requested as well.
Because this is a food challenge, please note that ingredient lists are mandatory.  If you need kitchen space, contact the event staff at least one week prior to the event.  We cannot gaurantee that you will have access to the kitchen without prior contact.
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