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Deadline to Issue a Challenge

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Artisans' Challenge and Display March 8, 2014

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Challenges for 2012
Yes, some of these are repeated for 2014
Truly, something for everyone!
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A Recipe from Scratch: Challenger: Dom. Galefridus Peregrinus

Create an Award or Order Medallion: Challenger: Lady Brunissende Dragonette

Confectioner for a Day:
Challenger: Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

Dye-It of Wyrms: Challenger: Lady Carowyn Silveroak

16th Century Embroidered Dress Accessory: Challenger: Lady Amm Webbe

Food for the Decameron:
Challenger: Meesteress Annetje Van Woerden

Your Persona's Heritage: Challenger: Lady Lianor de Matos

It's Only a Model: C
hallenger: Lord Corwyn Ravenwing

Keep it Clean:
Challenger: Baroness Imigla Venture

Marzipan Face-Off and Play Date:
Challenger: Lady Apollonia Voss

Find a Medieval Mine: Challenger: Lady Carowyn Silveroak

On the Crusaders' Trail:
Challenger: Mistress Briony Chatham

Painting With Your Needle: Challenger: Lady Rennewief van Grunewald

Period Archery Target:  Challenger: Lady Naomi bat Avraham

Period Bowstring: Challenger: Lady Naomi bat Avraham

Play it Again or Take a Second Look:  Challenger: Lady Ysmay de Lynn

Scroll Blank: Challenger: Lady Brunissende Dragonette

Something French -- Story, Song or Poem: Challenger: Baronne Sabine de Kerbriant

Spin Your Challenge: Challenger: Lady Elena Lytle

Spruce Up Your Camp or Kit: Challenger: Lady Ysmay de Lynn