Note that this was a 2011 Challenge
Play it Again
Take a Second Look
Challenger: Lady Ysmay de Lynn
Have you ever entered an Arts and Sciences competition, only to be disappointed/upset by the results? Did you decide you never wanted to look at the project again after what people said about it? Do you have a piece you've been meaning to re-work or do again to incorporate the comments you received?  I challenge you to dig that entry out of whatever dark corner you shoved it and give it a second look.
Bring an already judged piece in whatever category and your score sheets if you still have them. If you don't still have your score sheets, write down as much as you remember. The piece should be changed or updated to reflect the comments you got from the judges. (you can start a new piece if this is helpful). Also include a copy of the score sheets with notes about how you incorporated the judges comments and what you think about the results. If you choose to not make the changes, mention that too, and tell us why.
This does not have to be an old piece, or even one where you did not like/agree with the feedback. Any piece that you would like to improve that has already been in a competition is welcome.
Contact challenger, Ysmay de Lynn at